Department of Computer Science, KU Leuven

Celestijnenlaan 200A

Office 03.184

3001 Heverlee, Belgium

I am a PostDoc in the DTAI lab at KU Leuven working with Professor Hendrik Blockeel. I obtained my PhD in 2018 in the same group.

My research focus is on machine learning models that learn useful abstractions of rich and complex relational data in a declarative manner by combining statistical relational learning (SRL) and deep learning. SRL models are a powerful class of machine learning models that rely on expressive knowledge representation formats of logic and statistics to express a very wide range of machine learning models, not limited to vectors and matrices. That expressivity comes at high cost of learning and inference - reusable abstractions can help us tame this complexity!

In 2014, I have received my M.Sc. from the University of Zagreb. I have spend the academic year of 2013-2014 as an Erasmus exchange student at KU Leuven. Between 2012 and 2013, I did interships at Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Department of Knowledge Technologies at the Jožef Stefan Institute.